Corporation bank

Started as a 'nidhi' in 1906 at Udipi, Karnataka. In that era nearest modern bank branch was at Manglore. It's agent used to visit Udipi after a fortnight. So it's founder started the bank in Udipi itself to cater to needs of local people. It was nationalised in 1980 (alongwith 5 others).

The Bank's motto - 'Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu' meaning 'Prosperity for All'.

Tagline: 'Prosperity for All'.

The Bank's logo has various components:

Kamadhenu (denoting wish-fulfillment), Kalpatharu (eternity), Balance (justice for all), Wheel (industrial progress) and Wheat Grains (agricultural prosperity) which stand for universal prosperity and as a wish-fulfilling credo.

Headquarters: Manglore, Karnataka.

Image courtesy: Corpbank

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