MCQs for rbi

1. Currency chest is the property of ____ ?
A. RBI. b) SBI. C) GoI d) Lead bank of the area. e) Bank itself.

2. Which dept of RBI oversees designing of banknotes in India?
a) Dept of banknotes b) Dept of rupee management c) Dept of banking affairs d) Dept of Currency management e) none of these.

3. Where is not a currency printing press located ?
a) Dewas (MP) b) Salboni (WB) c) Nasik d) Mysore e) Mumbai

4. Where is not a coin mint located from below ?
a) Noida b) Delhi c) Hyderabad d) Mumbai e) Calcutta

5. Banknotes & Rs.1 coins can be used to pay any sum upto _____?
a) no such limit b) Rs 1 lacs. c) 1 crore, d) 1.50 lacs

6) 50 Paisa coins can be used to pay/ settle any sum upto ____?
a) Rs Two. b) Rs Five. c) Rs Ten. d) Rs One hundred.

7) Which of the following is true of RBI's balance sheet?
a) RBI's balance sheet is a sum of 2 major Dept i.e. Issue Dept & Banking dept.
b) RBI's annual year closes on 30 june.
c) Currency circulation is backed by 3 major assets of Issue dept ie. Gold, foreign & Rupee security.
d) CRR balances, Open Market Operations, Loans to Govt etc comes under Banking dept's Balance sheet.
e) all of the above.

8) What is KYC?
a) to verify the identity of customers.
b) budget related activity of an organisation.
c) effort to convert black money into white money.
d) legal ways to harass poor customers.
d) none of these.

9) Payment system of the country include which of the following?
i) Cheques. ii) Credit cards. iii) Currency. iv) Electronic transfers

a) i only
b) i & iii only
c) i, ii & iii only
d) all of these

10) Which of the following is not true about WMA - Ways & Means Advance by RBI to State Govts.
a) Short-term finance to state govt to tide over temporary mismatches  in cash flow.
b) non interest-bearing limits
c) if WMA limits are exceeded, its called 'Overdraft' - allowed for few days only.
d) These limits are without any security.
e) B & D

1) A. RBI. CC is extension of Issue Dept of RBI.
2) D. This dept essentially oversees work of issue & retrieval of currency. This is performed through 18 issue offices.
3) E. Dewas & Nasik presses' are Govt owned. Salboni & Mysore are owned by RBI, through its wholly owned subsidiary, the Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Ltd. (BRBNML).
4) B.
5) A.
6) C.
7) E.
8) A. Know Your Customer.
9) D.
10. B. State govts have to pay interest on these limits.

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